I have been carrying on with my research into child developement, conditioning and natural intelligence, reading a wide variety of material. I am encourgaed in that there is now much good 'scientific' data to support my main contention : that telling a child WHAT TO THINK (colonising/conditioning the childs mind) is tantamount to abuse, and is at the core of the psychology all to common in Industrial Society .. the toxicity of our culture has it's roots in Institutionalised Emotional Blindness.

NEWS! I have been getting some few MAINSTREAM MEDIA HITS with regards my work on Institutional child abuse.....

Examiner Letter to Irish Paper The Examiner 24th January 2011 (pdf)

UK Guardian Report September 2010 (web edition)

Yahoo News September 2010 (web edition)

Irish Times Letter to Irish Paper The Irish Times November 2009

My writings on this and other subjects are now on line at http://dwylcorneilius.blogspot.com/. I intend to start work on a book on this subject, interwoven with my own story, this winter 2010.

Online Activity

I now have a FACEBOOK group and a FACEBOOK profile with a band page, tied in with reverbnation, you can find these and more on the contact page.

Feel free to add me, or join the group to kep uptodate ... and anything you can do to stay in touch and encourage promoters to book me would be very much appreciated.

2010 WInter is over and I am looking for more gigs, Spring and Summer of 2010/11 and would especially like to hear from Student Unions, Independent Grass Roots Groups, Independent Festivals and Social Centres - I have no income other than gigs and the odd bit of engineering. I am self-employed...



I am happy to annouce that I am now selling Organic Fair Trade T-Shirts with my logo, for £10 sizes : sm, med, lge, black/white only at gigs!

If you want one of these limited edition t-shirts and cannot get to a gig, I have set up a corneilius shop-page on Cafepress.com where you can buy their organic T-shirts, with my logo on them, in all sizeds from infant to xxxl, all a lot more expensive than the ones I have made myself, with more colours and differing fits for women, children and men, and they will be delivered to your postal address. There's also a mug and a bumpersticker too....

Corneilius T-shirt Logo!

FREE stickers!

If you would like to use the logo as a sticker label, simply right-click on the 'do what you love' image (just above) to save a preformatted A4 page of labels to your computer. Then use the page to print the labels. I use Avery J8161. Then stick them on things.


I have been using a BOSS RC50 loop station during the past year, refining my playing skills with this toy. I have graduated to the RC50 which has three tracks, and quite a few more tricks, which I am still grappling with. Lots of jamming chez moi, and there will be more music coming out soon, focussing on children, nature and what actually works for life. I have also been going through the older songs and 'modernising' them. Responses from audiences thus far has been supportive and encouraging.

There are lots of new tracks on the website, some of which I will not perform, as it's a bit complicated... some are sketches of sounds, some are momentary clouds of music, so please feel free to download them and to share them.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me over the past few years. Your support has facilitated much for me


New! I have been featured on the Canadian independent radio station, wholewheatradio on September 28th 2008!

New! The Video of 'The perfect Cup of Tea' is out now on youtube, myspace, facebook and on this site.

New! I have been making a series of videos, which I have called 'logic bombs', which are designed to cut to the core of certain issues such as stopping harm (war, polluttion etc), climate change, political discourse which seems to go nowhere etc. Watch them at the videos page (follow link from main menu) or at my youtube channel

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