"You're going to have to change the priorities of your life if you love this planet"

Helen Caldicott

"it helps if you become your own best friend and find out what is true about all this for yourself."

Stephen Harrod Buhner

"When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life then we will see social change in ways that matter."

Ina May Gaskin

"The psychology of any given family, community or society is both revelaed and perpetuated in how that family, community or society relates to and treats the children and the most vulnerable people. Change that and you can change everything. Liberation is all about how we relate towards one another. Change that and you can change everything."

Corneilius Crowley

Origins of Peace and Violence

A paper by James Prescott presenting evidence that violence is learned, cultural rather than genetic, and thus is not inevitable. Peace is a choice, just as War is a choice.


This documentary is of vital importance to anyone concerned with how a Society behaves, setting empathic parenting as a primary source of peace..


Human Nature.

Biologically healthy human beings demonstrate empathy, intelligence, kindness, sharing, mutualism as traits that nurture their communities and the habitat. Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Children, Permaculture. Diversity.

Biologically unhealthy human beings demonstrate a lack of empathy, cleverness, manipulation, hoarding, competitive individualism as traits that undermine their communities and the habitat, in favour of an urge to exert power over others, to coerce others to meet their needs. Kings, Dictators, Peadophiles, Rapists, Fraudsters, Popes, Presidents, Wars and profit. Uniformity.

A culture can set the conditions for either outcome.

Experience and environment drives development.