Jam SeJam Session London 2017

Propaganda @ The Others, London, 2017

Lyrically Challened, Passing Clouds, London October 2015




Corneilius is a Folk Singer Song Writer


Live @ Lost Horizons, 10.20am Sunday Morning, Secret Garden Party July 2014


Live @ Blue Lagoon, Festival, Walers, 8pm Saturday evening, June 6 2015


and what I think....

I am drawn to music because of the sensory experience, the joy of creating meaningul sound.

It gets me every time. As soon as I pick up the instrument, I am away. Free.

I am amazed at being human - it's such a precious gift, and I detest any abuse of any human being.

Deeper than justice is empathy.

Shared experience, shared feeling, shared lives.

Shared response abilities, shared futures.

Thank you, if you are reading this.

And are using the site...

Please enjoy the music I make... I had fun making it...


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